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The Thorny Blog

  • Different Stages of Ripe

    This tray of mangosteens stared at me in different stages of ripeness. A reflection of the growth I've seen and going through. There is a readiness inside that will take time.
  • Coming Soon

    After a year of shutting the business, I guess it's hard to say "never say never". Some of you dear faithfuls - customers and suppliers - pinned h...
  • The Durian Head Party

    Gawai Ba'ak. Head Party by Tiyan Baker (2022) is an art installation commissioned by Sydney College of the Arts Gallery that represents Bidayuh headhunting ceremony. When Tiyan decided to use durians to represent the heads, her juxtaposition of the thorny fruit and decapitated heads became (for me) an incredible voice of taboo and misconception of Western perception towards Indigenous culture and this fruit.
  • Malaysian Durian and Honey Jackfruit Takes Centre Stage at Sydney's Smelliest Culinary Event

    Experience the King of Fruits, the durian and honey jackfruit presented in the most extraordinary culinary event ever to be held in Sydney. The Thorny Fruit Company and Rockman Australia in partnership with the Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries is hosting a unique high tea event on Saturday 27th November 2021 at Ho Jiak Town Hall.
  • WSFM Jonesy & Amanda Tastes Their First Durian

    What do you get when Sydney's most entertaining radio duo tries durian for the first time? WSFM with Jonesy & Amanda invited The Thorny Fruit Co to help them experience the world's most stinkiest fruit... >>
  • Job Vacancy: A Thorny Team Assistant (Casual/Part Time)

    [UPDATE JAN 2022 - Role still available] We're seeking a Thorny Fruit lover as a casual/part time Team Assistant! ✅ THE GIG You’ll ensure our cus...
  • COVID-19 Lockdown Affected Service

    UPDATE SUN 22 AUG 2021: Our family have AGAIN been contacted by NSW Health and notified that we are classified as CLOSE CONTACTS to a confirmed COV...
  • Understanding Musang King Durian Grading

    Curious to know, how many durian lovers here know what the Musang King durian grading means? It does not apply to other durian clones like D24, D101 etc. Only Musang King.

    • AA-Grade
    • A-Grade
    • B-Grade 
  • The Problem with Retailers and Refrozen Durians

    WHICH DURIAN WAS RE-FROZEN - Left or Right? And why does it matter? If you’re paying a premium $30-35/kg for a Musang King, it should matter. Re-fr...
  • [APPEAL] Keep The Thorny Fruit Co Alive

    I've spent the last week or so completely torn in two. I've hit a financial roadblock because I tried to grow the business too fast without capital...
  • Business Changes effective 20th May 2021

    Effective 20th May 2021, we will scale down & cease our weekly concierge service of fresh produce. Frozen durians will continue to be available every week.

    Unfortunately, even with business booming the past 12 months, I haven't been able to find consistent staff to help with the picking and packing of weekly orders. Therefore, I've regretfully had to make the decision to scale down to stop the concierge service model, and go back to the grassroots of The Thorny Fruit Co.

  • The Far North Queensland Tropical Fruit Enigma

    Australian-grown tropical fruits are in scarce supply and will remain on the high end of the price spectrum for several reasons (and decades yet). The primary reason being the majority of tropicals are not grown commercially.