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Job Vacancy: A Thorny Operations Assistant (Part Time)

We're hiring a part time operations assistant

We're seeking a part time Operations Assistant Thorny Fruit lover!


You’ll ensure our customers are happy with their orders and receive their deliveries in a fresh and timely manner every week. You will love personalising customer orders, and provide customer assistance with a smile (via email/SMS and our social channels).

You will be super organised with our weekly deliveries, with your keen attention for detail and fruit quality when preparing and packing customer orders. You'll also be a critical thinker who can juggle logistical labyrinths when challenged.

You're a supportive team player with initiative, and handy at using Google Workspace/Drive to collaborate.

You can weight lift 12kg boxes and more, when required.

You’ll be empowered to find ways to give our customers that little bit extra... especially when it’s unexpected.

You must find your way to our Chullora warehouse every week.



You’re an energetic, independent go-getter with a positive attitude. You’re a solutions whizz, enjoy troubleshooting, and have hospitality or warehouse experience. You have a customer-focus and can-do attitude - whatever a customer is seeking, you try to help them find it (with team support, of course!).

You get a kick out of creating a unique, knowledgeable and thoughtful exotic fruit concierge service which make people go wow! You're not afraid to say “I don’t know that one, let me find out!”

You‘re comfortable communicating at all levels; and can be counted on to maintain seamless workflows from pre-purchase to post-delivery follow-up.



  • You have your own ABN.
  • You can work our non-flex work days half day Wednesdays (either morning or afternoon); and Thursdays 6am to 12pm.
  • You can also do flex hours to work a non-traditional schedule around school hours, and one or two weekends a month at our pop-up events.
  • You have a roadworthy car in good condition that is ready to assist with the occasional delivery to customer that don’t fit into our usual delivery route or schedule.
  • You love durians, & agree that its fragrance is heavenly.
  • You know the difference between Musang King D197 vs Mon Thong durians, and jackfruit vs durian.



  • Durians galore and fresh tropical fruit at cost
  • $25/hr varying between 10-20 hours a week*
  • Reimbursement for petrol and toll for any deliveries with receipts/logbook
  • 3-month contract with option to extend


APPLY HERE OR send us your CV with a cover letter via email to shop @ thethornyfruit.com.au

Applications close Sun 23 May 2021. Only shortlisted thorny potentials will be contacted.

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