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WSFM Jonesy & Amanda Tastes Their First Durian

WSFM with Jonesy & Amanda with a Malaysian durian

What do you get when Sydney's most entertaining radio duo tries durian for the first time? WSFM with Jonesy & Amanda invited The Thorny Fruit Co to help them experience the world's most stinkiest fruit right in their studio.

We started off with opening and tasting a Malaysian Musang King, where both Jonesy and Amanda took a decent bite.

Then we helped them understand that not all durians taste the same by serving up a tasting tray of the D24, D101 and D13 durian varieties.

Watch their reactions on their IG video, and listen in to the full radio interview.

[📸 Photo Credits WSFM]

When I received the email request for durian from WSFM with Jonesy and Amanda's producer on Monday morning, I admit I was hesitant and excited at the same time.

Durians don't get good press for obvious reasons. As a former TV Producer, I know how flying in the slipstream of trending news creates attention. As a new small business owner struggling to make a living, any publicity helps. This was a great opportunity.

Hell, I sell durians in Sydney. How the hell am I going to get mainstream with a divisive fruit. 🙈

I always watch Amanda Keller on The Living Room with admiration, and I sifted through her past food videos on their socials for research. I knew what I needed to do.

I could have easily delivered the fruit at their studio and left them to their own devices. Instead, I asked if I could be there to provide guidance and information as they had their first taste of durian. I wasn't sure if they would take the offer. We discussed details, and they locked in our recording date.

Up until the show aired, I still had no idea how this was going to pan out. All I knew is that, much like my own life where I never fit in, this fruit was misunderstood and an acquired taste. My best effort is to do it justice, the best way I knew how by sharing the knowledge I had.

Amanda and Jonesy were professional, entertaining and respectful. In fact, they actually genuinely loved the Musang King.

I had so much fun. Just as I have fun at my durian tasting parties helping people of all backgrounds and cultures, both veteran thorny lovers and beginners, discover the durian and learn to love it.

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