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The Problem with Retailers and Refrozen Durians

Refrozen durian on left

WHICH DURIAN WAS RE-FROZEN - Left or Right? And why does it matter? If you’re paying a premium $30-35/kg for a Musang King, it should matter. Re-frozen durian pulp can taste bland and mushy.

Did you know that 100% imported whole durians in Australia must be frozen due to Australian Biosecurity?

If you’ve bought a frozen durian that’s thawed or thawing out on a retail shop shelf, it’s likely the durian flesh may be mushy. If it hasn’t been sold, it will likely be refrozen the next day for sale.

Correct answer is the LEFT durians were RE-FROZEN. Meaning, it was nitro frozen, thawed, slow frozen again, then thawed.

Nitro frozen in Malaysia, then the Australian vendor had them on display at a fruit stand. It defrosted naturally in room temp. Then when it wasn’t sold, it was stored back into the freezer then refrozen. Process repeats until the durian is sold.

The one on the RIGHT, was nitrogen frozen in Malaysia. Kept consistent in freezing & chilled conditions during shipping and delivery to the customer.

The difference is more obvious in the taste, flavour and texture.

Nitrogen freezing is immediate and done within 20 minutes. There’s usually little water or ice content that breaks down the fruit molecules. This nitro freezing method essentially halts the ripening & fermenting process of any durian.

A normal freezer would take hours for a durian to harden. Water and ice forms in the fruit molecules, essentially breaking down the fruit structure.

When you purchase RE-FROZEN durian, then defrost it - the pulp is usually mushy and watery.

You can pay $60+ for a 2kg Musang King, and not know they’re refrozen until you’ve opened and tasted them.

Colour is not really an indicator of the fruit. As durians need to be cross pollinated with different varieties, some MK can be slightly paler than their usual gold pulp. But taste great.

However, most REFROZEN Musang King pulp will have white patches and “watery” looking flesh.

Ever notice on frozen food packaging, it says “Do not re-freeze after thawing/ cooking/ reheating”? Even NSW Food Safety Authority requires food to be thrown out after 4 hours, not reheated/frozen.

The Thorny Fruit Co’s durians are delivered to your home direct from our freezer via refrigerated vans. This way, we do our best to maintain the fruit’s taste and texture for your enjoyment.

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