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After a year of shutting the business, I guess it's hard to say "never say never". Some of you dear faithfuls - customers and suppliers - pinned hope on The Thorny Fruit Co's return. I am sincerely grateful.

With the return of The Thorny Fruit Co, comes a revamped and new management - a new set of business partners plus myself. Exciting new possibilities from all the learnings of the failings I've had. More experience from those now involved. 

The best news? We will be growing to include national delivery in phases. Baby steps.

We pray, you'll be patient with us as we return.

Meanwhile, stay tuned with the TTFC Relaunch Specials collection and hit "Notify When Available".


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  • Good onya zona I could see you couldn’t get away from this lol. Im glad the thornys back 👍

    Anthony maltman

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