Delivery available to Sydney NSW with $50 minimum order for delivery/pick-up.

Our Service

The Thorny Fruit Co. is a small family online business. We are not a massive company. We are online durian & exotic fruit specialist based in Sydney, NSW. We don't have a store-front or office that allows in-person customers to pick-up. We love being an ONLINE only business to juggle our family commitments.

Please read through how our service & website works:

  • Online Store FAQ

About Our Online Store

Do you have a shop?
Nope. The Thorny Fruit Co offers you the convenience of an online direct to home durian & fresh exotic fruit delivery service. We deliver imported frozen durians direct from our freezer storage in Rosebery via refrigerated delivery vans. And when in season, we also have FRESH Australian durians and exotic tropical fruit delivered during our weekly home deliveries.

We enjoy being an online e-commerce business. This gives us the flexibility to serve you with minimal overheads.

However, we do sometimes have a market stall at the Sydney Vegan Market in Olympic Park once a month, and Paddy's Night Food Market Flemington. Please visit our Instagram or Facebook page for regular updates.

Do you deliver?
Yes, we run weekly deliveries only locally in Sydney, NSW. You will want to visit our delivery/pick-up information page here.

How does our service work?

We have two key product lines -
1) FRESH Australian grown tropical fruit
2) FROZEN imported durians and other tropical fruit

With the FRESH Australian grown fruits, we love eliminating waste and delivering the freshest high quality Australian tropical produce as soon as they arrive in Sydney! So we use the CONCIERGE SERVICE model. This means we do not stock up on fresh fruit like the shops. Instead, we only buy what you've pre-ordered on our website.

With the FROZEN products, these are usually imported and we only buy on-demand from our supplier and not in wholesale quantities.

How do I understand your product titles?

Please note that what is written FROZEN on our product names is NOT classified as FRESH. And what is marked FRESH is fresh produce that has never been frozen. We actually get asked this question many times... 

Most of our frozen fruits are readily stocked in our supplier's freezer storage facility at Rosebery, NSW. However, with our FRESH (never frozen) Australian exotic fruits, we tag on the product title the delivery conditions of each product: 

  • [PRE-ORDER] Supply is on its way to Sydney - or its already in Sydney but we'll only be getting stock on-demand. We are able to take orders to pre-determine the quantity to purchase.
  • [LIMITED] We have supply on-hand now of fresh but long shelf-life produce, but in small limited quantities.
  • [COMING SOON] You won't be able to pre-order yet but stock is scheduled to arrive soon. So hit that "Notify When Available" button to get notification when we'll start collecting pre-orders.
  • [NOT IN SEASON] The produce is no longer available until the next season. Hit that "Notify When Available" button to get an email when it comes back.
  • [IN STOCK] This indicates that we have on-going stock in our supplier's freezer, or if fresh then it arrives regularly from the farm during the week from a local supplier's cool room in Sydney.


Yes, we do! Currently within the Sydney Metro region only. Visit our Delivery and Pick-up Options page for more information.