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About The Thorny Fruit Co

About Your Concierge Manager

Meet the Sheppards

hi, I'm Zona - your Concierge Manager and Founder of The Thorny Fruit Co.

I'm a mum of two girls, a wife to a Sydney artist geek; I am an incurable foodie, and a professional digital marketer.

My penchant for being resourceful has become a mad pursuit of smelly adventures by accident. 

I started The Thorny Fruit Co after having discovered Australian durians back in November 2018. I was part of a migrant community Facebook group who were fascinated with the fact Darwin had been growing Malaysian seedling durians since the 1990s. I eventually became friends with the durian farmer at Tropical Primary Products, who taught me a lot about his family’s HEW1 durian and other Malaysian seedlings.

I hit the ground running, and headed in to purchase TPP’s durians wholesale at Sydney Markets. At first, I thought I would buy one 20kg box for friends and the immediate community. But once the word got out, and I ended up purchasing 400kg! It wasn't long before I was also buying and selling rambutans, mangosteens, cempedak, jackfruit, rare Asian mangoes, winged beans / kacang botol, and all other exotic fruits.

With much passion and naïveté, I officially launched The Thorny Fruit Co in February 2019 as an exotic fruit concierge service.

My Cross Cultural Background

Born and bred in Malaysia until my late 20s, I migrated to Australia in 2007. It took me almost a decade before I could finally call Sydney home. Most of that attributed to being able to experience the "taste of my childhood" - food, flavours and reliving memories. 

My previous career background in the film & TV industry has instilled in me a sense of curiosity and a go-getter attitude that anything is possible. So when someone says to me, "I can't find petai in Sydney!" I take that challenge head-on... 

With my heritage being Malaysian with Thai Peranakan, Filipino with Spanish blood, I'm always hungry to learn about new cultures, the fusion... evolution and experiences through food. 

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