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Returns & Refunds Policy

By purchasing any item from our website, you agree to the following Returns Policy.

Quality and Produce

At The Thorny Fruit Co, we pride ourselves in hand selecting only the freshest and highest, premium quality produce bought for you. It is important to remember that fruit and vegetables are a natural and perishable product that will react to their immediate indoor environment and external weather conditions. Unfortunately once we dispatch our produce, a number of changes in condition may result in their longevity being reduced.

Air conditioning, extreme heat or changes in temperature may also have an adverse effect on the produce. Unfortunately, while we usually deliver using a chilled delivery van, with all the possible variables, it is difficult for The Thorny Fruit Co to guarantee the produce quality in every case.

24-Hour Returns Policy

On average, fresh produce should last between 24-48 hours for soft/sensitive leafy produce, and/or& 5-7 days for hardier produce.

Frozen produce such as imported durians should last between 3 to 5 days when kept in a refrigerator once thawed.

Should your fruit or vegetables perish within 24 hours of delivery/pick-up date, and we are satisfied that all care instructions provided have been followed, The Thorny Fruit Co will be happy to consider an exchange, replacement or credit request where applicable.

The Thorny Fruit Co reserves the right to request photos, videos or images with the manufacturer label, weight and timestamp of the original fruit/vegetables purchased from us. We must verify that it is our product supplied to you.

The Thorny Fruit Co requires that any dissatisfaction with the freshness of the fruit/vegetables be communicated to us within 24 hours of delivery/pick-up.

To assist us in quality control, it is our policy for you to return the original produce in the disputed condition at your own expense. Regretfully, we will not arrange an exchange of produce for you if the original produce has been disposed, or appropriate clear photos of the produce disputed are unavailable.


As each produce is unique, so too, are your requirements and concerns surrounding your pre-order. For that reason, we ask that you please contact us via email at shop@TheThornyFruit.com.au to discuss your queries or concerns in relation to your order.

Refunds & Credit

Due to the nature of fruit and produce, all claims REQUIRE PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE PRIOR TO A DECISION BEING MADE. All customers with valid claims will qualify for a replacement/exchange or store credit when it adheres to our 24 Hour Returns Policy (see below).

If the value of your order is below $100, we will offer a credit on your next purchase. If it is above $100, we will keep a $60 administration & delivery/pick-up fee and refund the balance.



  • Produce is visibly mouldy, or has become overly overripe (subject to produce characteristic).
  • Produce is damaged, or has physically deteriorated within 24 hours at pick-up location, or caused by our delivery drivers.
  • For Durians, we will only consider replacement/credit when the durian is sour (must be physically returned uneaten), underripe (for Malaysian durians only. This does NOT apply to tree-harvested Thai-style durians), or has durian seed borers/insect infestation.
  • Photographs must be emailed to us as soon as possible. Any delay more than 48 hours will not be considered.


  • When a produce you've pre-ordered with us becomes unavailable by our supplier. Or if we are unhappy with the produce that becomes available.
  • We will contact you to provide you options on the next step. Usually we will offer you a replacement, store credit or wait until the next shipment if the produce will be coming at a later date.



  • Delivery/Pick-up. If you make an error regarding your selection of delivery or pick-up, and AFTER we make the delivery according to your Order Confirmation, you will not be given a refund/credit. Our Order Confirmation email is a contract that you have agreed with your selection of delivery/pick-up. You can change this more than 24 hours before delivery date with no consequence. If we have already delivered your order and you require a new delivery address, a Redelivery Fee of $20-30 will be charged.
  • Expectation of taste/flavour of produce such as durian, and jackfruit. Every fruit & vegetable has its own characteristic based on the growing condition, soil, climate, variety/cultivar traits. No produce will be 100% perfect or consistent in taste - even when we do our best in picking Premium, Class 1 or Export grade quality.
  • We do not make guarantees on any taste (e.g. sweetness, bitterness), size of seed, or fruit flesh % yield of any of the produce you purchase. Fruit is a natural product - not made in a factory. Expect imperfections.
  • When you have consumed produce in its entirety or more than 20% of its purchased weight.
  • Without photographic evidence of your complaint.
  • Change of mind once order has been despatched or delivered for pick-up.
  • If you collected your order more than 24 hours after pick-up notification, and the produce has deteriorated. You are responsible to pick-up your order in a timely fashion. After 24-hours, we expect the produce to deteriorate and not be as fresh. This will make any disputes difficult to challenge.
  • If the order was a pick-up, and after two attempts to contact you for collection, we will forfeit your order or $50 (whichever is lowest) as administration costs.
  • When you purchase a tree-harvested or Thai style durian and it is crunchy. This is how Thai-style durians are eaten. Please read description very carefully before purchasing.
  • Appearance. We pick fruit/veg for its general quality and grower's reputation. Ugly, imperfect produce can still be great quality - and helps us reduce wastage on the planet.
  • Commercial Reselling. If you are caught reselling our produce without a prior wholesale agreement with us, we will not provide any refund, credit or exchanges.
  • The Thorny Fruit Co reserves the right to its final decision including to void all guarantees and agreements based on the dispute resolution process.

Cancellation Policy

Should you cancel your pre-order 48 hours prior to our concierge purchase or scheduled delivery date, money will be refunded minus a $50 administrative fee.

We are unable to cancel orders that are already purchased or prepared, and are out for delivery.

Cancellations received after the applicable period stated above (ea. if delivery is on the same day) are void. No refunds or credit will be issued to avoid administrative fee.

Contact us at shop@TheThornyFruit.com.au to discuss your options.

Note: Any refunds for orders placed online are credited back to the original credit card on which the order was purchased, if that form of payment is selected. Refunds for membership purchases may be processed through the original credit card or bank account transfer only.