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Job Vacancy: A Thorny Team Assistant (Casual/Part Time)

We're seeking a Thorny Fruit lover as a casual/part time Team Assistant!


You’ll ensure our customers are happy with their orders and receive their deliveries in a fresh and timely manner every week.

You will be providing some degree of customer service/hospitality experience.

You'll help repack fresh tropical fruit, and will be an enthusiastic team player at our durian events.

Bonus points if you know how to open durians 🎉💪🏻

You’re super organised, critical thinker who can juggle logistical labyrinths.

You can weight lift 10kg boxes when required.

You must find your way to our shared Rosebery warehouse every week.



You’re an energetic, independent go-getter with a positive attitude. You’re a solutions whizz, enjoy troubleshooting, and have hospitality or warehouse experience.

You have a customer focus attitude.

You're not afraid to say “I don’t know that one, let me find out!”



  • You have your own ABN.
  • You can work our non-flex work days half day Wednesdays (either morning or afternoon); and Thursdays 7am to 12pm.
  • You can work some weekends at our events.
  • You love durians, & agree its fragrance is heavenly.
  • You know the difference between Musang King D197 and Mon Thong durians.



  • Fresh tropical fruit at cost
  • Durians at cost
  • $25/hr varying between 5-10 hours a week* casual or part time


⚠️ APPLY HERE OR send us your CV with a cover letter via email to shop @

Applications close 1 November 2021. Only shortlisted thorny potentials will be contacted.

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