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Malaysian Durian and Honey Jackfruit Takes Centre Stage at Sydney's Smelliest Culinary Event

Malaysian Fruit Culinary Showcase

Sydney, NSW. Experience the King of Fruits, the durian and honey jackfruit presented in the most extraordinary culinary event ever to be held in Sydney. The Thorny Fruit Company and Rockman Australia in partnership with the Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries is hosting a unique high tea event on Saturday 27th November 2021 at Ho Jiak Town Hall. 

The event will feature Malaysia’s controversial and famous fruits reimagined into culinary dishes by The Thorny Fruit Co’s Zona Tan-Sheppard in collaboration with Textbook Boulangerie-Patisserie’s John Ralley and MakMak’s Carlos Heng. 

The Malaysian Fruit Culinary Showcase is a feast of the senses for first timers and veteran lovers of the Malaysian Musang King durian and the J33 Honey Jackfruit who want to experience these fruits in a unique culinary form.

Rockman Australia, the supplier of choice for the culinary showcase, is one of Australia’s largest importers and wholesale distributors, as well as the pioneer importer of premium grade Malaysian Durian since 2006. Rockman’s Malaysian Honey Jackfruit is a new entrant into the Australian market first hitting grocers this year. Both products will be available for sale to the public in a supplementary stand at the event.

The Showcase is a private sit-down high tea affair, where ticket sales will commence Monday 15 November 2021.

Showcase guests will enjoy the Sydney-famous Durian Croissant by Head Pâtissier John Ralley of Textbook Boulangerie-Patisserie. When Ralley first introduced the Durian Croissant at their Alexandria boulangerie in 2018, he never expected to be mobbed by durian lovers queuing from 4am. Ralley has since made the Durian Croissant a bi-annual special, where they are a best seller and always sold out within the first hour. Now guests can forgo the queue and enjoy this famous croissant in a comfortable sit-down high tea setting.

The event will introduce guests to tempoyak, a traditional Malaysian recipe made from fermented durian. The two savoury high tea features will be in the form of Ho Jiak’s Nasi Lemak in a Bite featuring sambal tempoyak, and a delectable umami-filled durian (tempoyak) gravy in a pie co-created by Ralley and Tan-Sheppard.

“Many Sydney durian lovers know the fruit well, but don’t realise the durian is cooked in savoury dishes,” explains The Thorny Fruit Co founder Zona Tan-Sheppard, who frequently hosts durian tasting parties and public events across Sydney.

“I curated the degustation-style dishes because many durian lovers I meet at my tasting parties are unaware of the durian’s versatility. The high-tea is the chance for them to taste without committing to a huge serving of a dish they’re unfamiliar with.”

A high tea cannot be complete without Sydney’s best macaron pâtissier, Carlos Heng, who will be reconnecting with his Malaysian roots to present an elegant durian and honey jackfruit macaron pair at the showcase.

“This high-tea is an opportunity to taste and indulge in the honey jackfruit and durian in both savoury and sweet form,” says Maheran Zahari, Consul of the Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries (MAFI) Sydney office. 

“The menu is a modern take of what Malaysians know as traditional dishes. We, along with the Federal Agriculture and Marketing Authority (FAMA), are excited to be collaborating with The Thorny Fruit Company and Rockman Australia in this unique culinary event that showcases the best of Malaysia’s fruits available in Australia.”

“We hope to continue our intensive campaign to increase awareness of the availability of premium Malaysian tropical fruits in the Australian market, and to build momentum in our global trade partnerships.”

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