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The Thorny Blog

  • How do you know if your durian is fresh or frozen?

    Science lesson ahead... 🤣I recently learnt this from our Aussie durian farmer Han Shiong. I reckon it’s a good trick to learn, as I’ve started seei...
  • COVID-19 Impact on Imported Durians

    After the past 5 months watching the durian market in Sydney over COVID-19 effects in China, I can safely say / speculate that the price of export ...
  • How to defrost & eat whole frozen durians

    To be honest, I get frustrated when people give me “feedback” about their durians not tasting great and they’re disappointed. My personal nature is...
  • How to Choose a HEW1 durian

    Just as not all Malaysian durians are Musang King, not all fresh Australian durians from TPP in Darwin are the HEW1. Learn how to correctly identify the “Kangaroo King” HEW1 durian variety.

  • Pricing of Produce

    The way the wholesale market works is like a stock market, or produce auction. Basic economics. e.g. When a farmer sends down 100kg lychees to sel...
  • It's Durian Season Again

    This time last year was when the seed of The Thorny Fruit Co was planted. I can't believe it's been a year since I first had a whiff of the Australian durians. I recall chasing durians in Cabramatta with a friend, her daughter and my then 4 month old baby in tow.