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How do you know if your durian is fresh or frozen?

Science lesson ahead... 🤣

I recently learnt this from our Aussie durian farmer Han Shiong. I reckon it’s a good trick to learn, as I’ve started seeing people sell frozen durians defrosted and sold as fresh! 😓

Please don’t get cheated. I know durians are a premium, because I sell them. Life is too short to be cheated with cheap, mushy durians.

The standout for identifying fresh durians is through the seed. When you cut open a fresh durian seed, you should be able to see the white endosperm in a solid texture.

A previously frozen durian pulp would contain a jelly-like, translucent endosperm. Even if you didn’t cut one open, you can squeeze a defrosted durian seed and feel like it’s squishy. Whilst a fresh seed, uncut, should feel hard and “full”.

In the case of a fresh Musang King, their flat aborted seed cut open would typically reveal an empty shell. Meaning, there’s no endosperm - no food for the embryo. However, the layer that you can see in a cross section of a frozen defrosted seed would start to look transluscent, or even darken.

This is why frozen seeds, and the signature aborted Musang King seeds will not germinate (read: grow into a plant).

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