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[NOT IN SEASON] Thai Puangmanee Fresh Chilled Durian pulp 450g - The Thorny Fruit Co

[NOT IN SEASON] Thai Puangmanee Fresh Chilled Durian pulp 450g

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LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE FOR DELIVERY THURSDAY 22 APRIL 2021. A special air-flown import to Sydney by GM2i from Thailand within 48 hours of harvest, these FRESH (never frozen) Puangmanee are a sweet delight.


The Puangmanee (also called Telur Buaya in Malaysia) is known as a small durian usually weighing between 1.3-1.8kg as a fresh whole fruit. On the inside, its warm yellow-orange sticky velvety flesh usually has a rich sweetness, and pleasant flavour.

“It’s hard not to like a durian that tastes somewhere between toffee and the almond version (and obviously better version) of the Snickers candy bar." ~ describes Lindsay Gasik, Year of the Durian.

The name "Puangmanee" comes from a lovely Thai lady by the name Manee, whose husband had won durian competitions back in the 1980s.

In Thailand, the pre-fix “Puang” describes the size and the cluster style growth of durian varieties. “Puang” actually means a cluster of flowers. Whilst Manee's name actually means jewels. Describing hem together conjures up a lovely meaning of a "cluster of jewels."

Air-flown direct from Thailand, these fresh chilled (never frozen) durian segments are packed to order and delivered to Australia within 2-3 days.

450g punnet. Product of Thailand. Available in Sydney only.

While The Thorny Fruit Co has requested for the Medium/Soft flesh texture, we do not guarantee any Thai durians (or tree-harvested) to be soft and creamy like Malaysian durians. If you like Musang King, stick to Musang King and don't complain. We will NOT entertain refunds or credits for texture and taste. Please purchase very carefully.

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