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Temu Kunci. Krachai. Fingerroot.
Fresh Fingerroot. Temu Kunci. Krachai.

[LIMITED] Fresh Fingerroot. Krachai. Temu Kunci. Boesenbergia rotunda

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Fresh Fingerroot sourced from Queensland. This culinary herb is known as Chinese Keys, or Fingerroot for its resemblance to fingers growing out of a centrepiece. The rhizome has similar herbal qualities to ginger, and is mainly used as a spice, flavouring, or in traditional medicine.

In Indonesia, it is known as temu kunci and used extensively in Javanese cuisine, to make tempeh, and jamu.

While in Thailand, krachai is the indespensible ingredient for many of its dishes, including as part of the spice paste for dishes like the Jungle Curry.

Fresh supply is scarce, and only available at certain times of the year.