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Duria Australia Frozen Whole D101 Durian
[CLEARANCE] Duria Australia Frozen Whole D101 Durians - The Thorny Fruit Co
[CLEARANCE] Duria Australia Frozen Whole D101 Durians - The Thorny Fruit Co

Duria Australia Frozen Whole D101 Durian

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⚠️ DURIAN DELIVERIES WILL COMMENCE after Mon 22 January 2024 onwards. You will be notified of your delivery 24-48 hours beforehand.

MALAYSIAN D101 DURIAN batch from July/August 2023 season. Please read our Returns Policy before purchasing.

No refunds or exchanges will be made for change of mind or taste preference. 

D101 durians, or also affectionately known as iOi or 101 are easily spotted by its rounded shape, and thin narrow thorns. Some of this durian clone’s thorns sometimes have a slight reddish tinge on the overall green tips.

The 101 pulp is a creamy sweet custard-like texture overall. They can also sometimes vary between bittersweet and sweet, depending on its stage of ripeness and whether the tree is old. Usually this is marketed as a sweet durian. If you wish for bittersweet, please purchase the Musang King.

Each 10kg box of Duria Australia D101 may contain approx 5 to 7 frozen whole fruit imported from Malaysia, and will be in the process of defrosting/thawing at the time of delivery/pickup.

10kg BULK BOX contains

  • Approximate 5 to 7 whole durian in each 10kg box
  • Frozen imported durian, will be thawing out at the time of delivery/pick-up

Product of Malaysia. Available for Sydney metro pickups or home delivery only.