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[PRE-ORDER] Hogs Plum. Kedondong. Ambarella
[PRE-ORDER] Hogs Plum. Kedondong. Ambarella

[PRE-ORDER] Hogs Plum. Kedondong. Ambarella

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Hogs Plum. Spondias dulcis. Ambarella. Kedondong to Malaysians and Indonesians. This crunchy sour plum grown in the Northern Territory of Australia is known to be eaten or juiced in its raw and green state. While still unripened, it has a sour green mango-like taste but with a crunchier texture.

Indonesians serve this green sliced into a salad called rujak; while in Malaysia it is eaten raw dipped in prawn shrimp paste. This fruit can also be juiced.

When fully ripened, its skin turns into a yellow orange hue. Still somewhat crunchy, at this stage, it has a pineapple-mango flavor. The flesh inside becomes a golden colour, very juicy, vaguely sweet, but with a hint of tart acidity.

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