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Air-Flown Thai Monthong Fresh Chilled Durian pulp 500g - The Thorny Fruit Co

Air-Flown Thai Monthong Fresh Chilled Durian pulp 500g

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LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE 17-18 JULY. Only available once a year is this special “Lava Durian”, from Kantharalak District, Si-sa-ket in Northeast Thailand. Growing in old vocanic soil, these Mon Thongs are not your ordinary Golden Pillows. One bite will send your palate into heaven - tasting a unique mild bittersweet.


Mon Thong / Golden Pillow is Thailand’s pride. The most commercially sought after and export durian. It is normally known for its thick, full-bodied creamy and sweet tasting flesh that has a moderately pungent aroma. It has many small, shrunken (aborted) seeds, hence its plump pillowy flesh.

Air-flown direct from Thailand, these fresh chilled durian segments are packed to order and delivered within 2 days.

450g punnet. Product of Thailand. Available to Sydney only.

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