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[COMING SOON] Fresh QLD Yellow Rambutan. Nephelium lappaceum

[COMING SOON] Fresh QLD Yellow Rambutan. Nephelium lappaceum

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Yellow Rambutan. Nephelium lappaceum. These fresh QLD Yellow Rambutan from the Redlynch Valley. Sweet, juicy, fragrant tropical fruit. No, this is not an unripe rambutan that will turn red. This is a yellow rambutan also known as Rambutan Gading in Malaysia. 

Native to Malaysia and the Indonesian archipelago, rambutans are cousins to the more popular lychee. Inside its hairy spines and coarse skin is a white translucent flesh that usually bites crisp, juicy and sweeter than lychees.

The grower imported these yellow rambutan varietal from Indonesia more than a decade ago.

Yellow Rambutans are more exquisite in its sweetness. Rarely found in Asian grocers in Sydney because most Vietnamese sellers assume they are unripe. They don't know what they're missing.

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These will only be available as 5kg Express Post direct from the farm. No Sydney local delivery available.

Product of Australia.