[PRE-ORDER] NT Rambutans. Nephelium lappaceum - The Thorny Fruit Co
[PRE-ORDER] NT Rambutans. Nephelium lappaceum - The Thorny Fruit Co
[NOT IN SEASON] NT or QLD Rambutans. Nephelium lappaceum - The Thorny Fruit Co

[PRE-ORDER] NT Red Rambutans. Nephelium lappaceum

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The NT Summer rambutan season commenced in November and will run until mid-January. The QLD rambutan season should follow after a short two week break.

Order before 5pm on Wednesday/Sunday for delivery Thursday or Monday of the same week.

Rambutan. Nephelium lappaceum. Native to Malaysia and the Indonesian archipelago, rambutans are cousins to the more popular lychee. Inside it’s hairy spines and coarse skin is a white translucent flesh that usually bites crisp, juicy and sweeter than lychees. The more common variety are red, but occasionally we may source the yellow ones that are far sweeter. Subject to market and grower availability.

The Northern Territory kicks off in November, while the Queensland season starts in mid/late February. The Aussie grown rambutans we source for you are usually the premium graded firm crisp, sweet quality rambutan!

How will you know? You’ll see fresh green spines, and they will eat well as the flesh comes off the seeds nicely because of the variety we selected.

    2020 NT rambutan season will run until January 2021, before supply is expected to swaps over to the Queensland rambutans.

    When you pre-order, and you’ll be contacted when supply is in Sydney, and you order is available for pick-up. Usually fresh arrivals from NT are on a Monday or Thursday. Queensland supply arrives intermittently throughout the week.

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