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[EXCLUSIVE] Duria Whole Black Thorn D200 Durians - DEPOSIT
[EXCLUSIVE] Duria Whole Black Thorn D200 Durians - DEPOSIT

[EXCLUSIVE] Duria Whole Black Thorn D200 Durians - DEPOSIT

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This February 2020 shipment is from Johor durian orchards in Johor, Malaysia. Season picking January 2020.

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The signature silky smooth, luxurious thick soft and creamy flesh with its underlying sweet alcoholic aftertaste is what makes the Black Thorn the most coveted durian. Also known as Ochee (meaning Black in Chinese) and Duri Hitam in Malay, this variety originates from Penang but has since been propagated with much desirability in other states.

The most logical story for its name is that this Black Thorn tends to have the dry, shriveled remnant of the flower stamen still attached to the bottom, which looks like a long, skinny black thorn.

This “thorn” is quite fragile and tends to break off during the fall or during transit, so it’s not that useful for identification purposes. But all Black Thorns have a darkish lump in the slightly concave center of the bottom where the stamen broke off.

1kg DEPOSIT $88/kg

  • Use this selection to order one Black Thorn with a deposit of $88/kg
  • You can nominate an approx size range between 1.5 to 3kg. Once the actual durian is assigned to you, you’ll be required to pay the balance owing before pick-up/delivery. E.g. If durian assigned is 1.8kg, the balance of $70.40 is to be paid prior.
  • Every purchase of one Black Thorn fruit will receive a FREE Duria The Premium 8 Pack Snowskin Mooncake.

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