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The Thorny Fruit Co Annual VIP Membership

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Silver MembershipMEMBERSHIP TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE. Are you looking to buy high quality, hard-to-find fresh exotic fruit or vegetables without running around? Do you want to know when durian, jackfruit, duku langsat, any Australian-grown or imported fresh tropical fruit or Asian veg are in-season? Save your time and the hassle of hunting it down - become a VIP with us and get it direct to you.

NOTE: You will only receive VIP discount code in an email after purchasing this VIP Annual Membership. Anything in your cart with the Annual Membership does not qualify for a discount.


At $4/month, you’ll be able to...

  • Buy selected fresh produce at 10-15% OFF, or a VIP EXCLUSIVE price
  • Get FIRST PRIORITY or VIP EXCLUSIVE pre-order of limited supply rare exotic produce, or products. 
  • Book or Pre-order your fresh quality Class 1 exotic fruit or vegetables at a price cheaper than retail
  • Participate in exclusive Group Buys at our VIPs Only Facebook group
  • Save your time! Our personal shopper service is extended to any fresh, seasonal produce available at Sydney Markets for only $5 per order (non-VIPs are charged $25 per request)
  • Access to refunds and credit for our service and produce is now only a privilege for our VIPs. Non VIPs will only be able to receive exchanges, if produce is returned within 24-hours following our Returns & Refunds Policy.
  • Frequent seasonal updates via the VIP Facebook Group or WhatsApp
  • Convenient pick-up points for $5, or delivery to CBD locations by appointment
  • Exclusive or Priority invites to TTFC events
  • Membership is valid 12-months from the time you sign-up


We purchase seasonal produce in bulk based on the quantity that our members request.

A VIP membership ensures when you make a request, or bid for a group buy pre-order, you’re committed to buying fresh produce all year round. Plus there will be minimal wastage from the bulk orders, as we do not have storage facility. This helps us keep cost low, and produce very fresh for you.


Households, individuals, couples, and families who love exotic tropical fruit, fresh produce, or all durian fanatics!

Any VIP caught reselling our produce will void our refund, replacement or credit guarantees. See our Returns & Refunds Policy.

Please contact us directly for enquiries on bulk or wholesale orders, and a separate agreement.

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