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[HOME DELIVERY] Custom Vegetable Box - The Thorny Fruit Co
[HOME DELIVERY] Custom Vegetable Box - The Thorny Fruit Co
[HOME DELIVERY] Custom Vegetable Box - The Thorny Fruit Co

[HOME DELIVERY] Custom Vegetable Box

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Customise your own Vegetable Box based on the varieties that we will hand-pick and shop for you. We will only choose the best quality Australian-grown vegetables from local and interstate growers. The produce in your customised box should generally feed approximately 4 adults for a week, or 2 adults and 2 children for almost two weeks.

Your Custom Vegetable Box price starts at $65 without add-ons INCLUDES delivery direct to YOUR home. Please review the latest updated delivery schedule before ordering, and join our Vege Box Facebook group for weekly updates, recipe ideas, help and inspiration. 




All quantities will be subject to market price, and seasonal availability. In the event we cannot provide the variety, we will increase the quantity of the selection available at the market. If you must have something specific, please leave a note for us in the checkout.

Your Basic Staples - Select at least six (6) staples for your box.

Three (3) Seasonal Hardy Vegetables - Select up to four (4) varieties of hardy vegetables, while the other option is a backup in case of market price/supply issues.

Mushrooms - You will receive one (1) pack/punnet of mushrooms, while the two are options in case of market price/supply issues.

Three (3) to (4) Leafy Green Vegetables - Select up to six (6) varieties of leafy vegetables, while the other options are backup in case of market price/supply issues.

Two (2) Herbs - Select up to three (3) varieties of herbs, while the other option is a backup in case of market price/supply issues.

* Fruits are NOT included in this box. If you wish to purchase specific exotic fruits, add them to your cart from our In-Season products page. 



+ $6 for 1 dozen Free Range Eggs 700g

+ $10 for Chilli Pack - by seasonal availability e.g. long reds, long greens, Thai chillies, or bullet chillies. Please visit the link to make your own selection.

+ $15 for Seasonal Australian Fruit - e.g. lemons, grapes, kiwifruit, dragon fruit, mandarins, peaches, nectarines, oranges, strawberries, fig, melons, berries, mango, persimmons, pineapple, and a sample selection Australian exotic fruit, etc.

+ $25 for Asian Aromatics Pack - visit the link to make your own selection.


🚚 DELIVERY SCHEDULE 🚚 Please read our Vegetable Box Delivery info page.

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