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[PRE-ORDER NOW] Tropical Primary Products Fresh Durians - Mix Variety
[PRE-ORDER NOW] Tropical Primary Products Fresh Durians - Mix Variety

[PRE-ORDER NOW] Tropical Primary Products Fresh Durians - Mix Variety

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Due to the drought and poor flowering season announced by Tropical Primary Products, all durians will be limited to first come first served basis.

⚠️IMPORTANT NOTE: there is NO label to indicate variety/clone. This will be a “Durian Lucky Draw”... Life is like a box of durians, you never know what variety you’re gonna get!

There will be NO refunds or exchanges for your order unless the durian pulp is rotten inside, eaten by insects, or over-fermented/sour on the day of pick-up/delivery. Please decide carefully.

  • 4kg TWIN PACK $138
  • 6kg TRIPLE PACK $210
  • VIPs get 15% off

Tropical Primary Products (TPP) is currently Australia's largest durian farm with over 3,000 trees in their Darwin NT orchard since the early 1990s.

While TPP is known for their prized HEW1 durian after going viral on Facebook in 2018, the Siah family have many other durian tree clones and varieties growing on their farm.

These were durian budwood and seedlings that were officially and legally brought to Australia from the Hew family nursery in Malaysia. They consisted of mostly from durian kampung variety, and a fair few Malaysian clones, along with Thai, Vietnamese varieties - which after a period of 3-4 years of quarantine, were then cultivated and grafted on to local durian trees in Darwin for propagation.

When TPP sends their fresh durians down to the markets along the Eastern seaboard, they are sent in boxes with a “lucky dip” mix variety, and HEW1 durians respectively. 

In previous years, a popular Sydney suburb Asian grocers, the HEW1 were sold among a mix of cheaper kampung and imported frozen-then-thawed durians. Often making people think that all Australian durians are HEW1. This is not the case. There are no marketing or labelling for any of the Australian variety in those shops.

The Thorny Fruit Co hopes to educate the Sydney durian enthusiasts about the different varieties available.

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