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[EVENT POSTPONED] Durian Opening & Tasting Party - The Thorny Fruit Co
[EVENT POSTPONED] Durian Opening & Tasting Party - The Thorny Fruit Co

[EVENT POSTPONED] Durian Opening & Tasting Party

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*** It is with much regret to inform you that we’ve had to postpone our Durian Opening & Tasting Party event to an undecided date.

Due to the poor pre-sale response and also family health matters to attend to - we are unable to host this Saturday’s event.

We will be refunding all who have pre-purchased their tickets, but will inform you as soon as we fix a date!

We haven’t hosted a durian tasting party since February, and are as gutted as you are. We will definitely be back!! Keep in touch by clicking on the “Notify when available” button. ***


Join The Thorny Fruit Co at Paddy’s Market Flemington to experience Malaysian durians in Sydney! 

Imported direct from the durian orchards on the mountainside Raub Pahang, and from plantations in Johor, this year’s selection of 2020 season durians will be presented to you as whole fruit with the shell, or on a tasting plate with different varieties.

If you’re after whole durians - we’ll weigh them for payment, open the shell for you, then pop the pulp into containers for you to take home. Or simply select, weigh, pay and take them home.

Or if you need help deciding your favourite tasting durian, opt for our a tasting plate.


Select from two tasting plate options with 2-3 different durian clones among them :

THE SWEET TOOTH $25 per plate

Savour the 2 creamy sweet with a hint of bittersweet varieties approximately 300g in total:

  • Don’s Durians D101
  • Don’s Durian D24 XO


THE BITTERSWEET $48 per plate

Savour 3 the most exquisite strong bittersweet creamy varieties approximately 300-400g in total:

  • Musang Queen aka Tekka D160 (limited stock)
  • Duria Australia’s Musang King D197
  • Don’s Durian Musang King D197

Each tasting plate will contain the respective variety of durian arils with a tiny flag displaying what variety you’ll be tasting. You’ll be provided tasting notes to understand why each durian variety is different.


NEW! Do you love surprises? Why not buy a Durian Lucky Dip ticket?

We will have 7 different varieties and brands of durian - with a minimum 7-8 pieces from each variety weighing between 1.5-1.8kg!

You could win -

  • Duria Black Thorn $97
  • Duria Musang King $60
  • Don’s Durian Musang King $60
  • Duria Tekka D160 $50
  • Don's Durian 101 $52
  • Hanabi D101 $45
  • Don’s Durian D24 XO $44

(*Approximate RRP for 1.5-1.8kg size durians)

How it works

  1. Purchase a $50 ticket for each durian you want to draw from our Durian Lucky Dip Bin.
  2. Head to Paddy’s Flemington on Sat 12th Sept between 9am and 1pm.
  3. Show us your invoice ticket via print out or on your phone.
  4. We will randomly pull out durian from our closed Durian Lucky Dip Bin for you.
  5. Get us to open and repack your durian into containers; or take it home to open - Enjoy!


🔸DATE: Saturday 12th September 2020

🔸WHERE: Door 5, Paddy’s Market Flemington, 250-318 Parramatta Road, Homebush NSW 2140 *Enter via Austin Avenue or Potts St

🔸TIME: 9am to 1pm

    NOTE: This is NOT a sit-down durian tasting event, as it is being held at the Paddy’s Market. This is NOT a buffet. Limited plates available per session to avoid long queues.