Closing the Chapter

TLDR UPDATE 29 June 2022: After 3.5 years, The Thorny Fruit Co will be officially closed effective 1st July 2022. Thank you for your support and interest through this time. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.




>> Business reopened 1 July 2023 aftr a year of closure. Update is here -


  • Thank you very much for all your efforts in bringing us & our families the Joy, you truly brang a fun light that I didn’t think I could have here in Sydney with this Thorny Stuff aka Durian!
    Good memories from the fun Durian challenge at the Markets in Homebush with the huge Lychee bonus 🌱

  • So sorry 😞 to hear that and you have been suffering for this. Wish you all the best and healing. There’s still hope and just continue to have faith in God. He will provide whatever we need just pray. Godbless

  • It’s very hard retailing frozen durians especially when they can be imported these days without an import permit from Biosecurity. Anyone can import them directly from Malaysia. They can even be imported fresh chilled segments. I must say the fresh durians you sold from QLD source were absolutely awful. They were an absolute rip-off which is why I stopped buying any durian from you. But nothing ventured nothing gained as they say.

  • Hi Zona, I haven’t had any issues at all with price, quality and service provided. In fact, the offerings have been outstanding. Don’t let the negative experiences outweigh the overwhelmingly positive ones! Best of luck and thank you for bringing thorny spark & joy to us.

  • Sorry to hear of your winding down. Great news if it helps you live happily ever after business. Imagine Australian customers being so awful.
    Karma always works. I was wanting to be a customer. But, good luck on your new journey to health.


    Geoffrey Moss

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